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FFP2 Protective Mask RED


FFP2 Protective Mask RED

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You are looking for a mask that perfectly combines design, comfort, and safety to stand out from the crowd?

The certified masks from "MaskAngel" pursue exactly this goal. By optimizing the mask for the purpose, two air valves (58l/min per valve), and elastic rubber bands, breathing through the mask and wearing comfort is significantly improved. The design does not fall by the wayside. Our design is colorfast, made in Germany and the USA. All components of the mask are the same color. Thanks to our cosmetics and make-up-repellent masks, residues can only be recognized to a reduced extent.

The delivery time is 1-3 days within Germany.

Our masks are European CE FFP2 (EN149: 2001) and American KN95 (GB 2626-2006) certified.

If you want to order masks outside Germany please contact us for getting more details about delivery time.



For optimal protection, the mask must fit your face. You are looking for methods to always be able to achieve this starting point. Here are our recommendations:

1. Turn the rubber bands

Your rubber bands imitate you after a long night of partying, no problem. With these solutions, you can quickly and safely achieve your flexible desired position and protection.

2. Tie knots in the rubber bands to keep them the right length.

If you are looking for a quick method to permanently fix your rubber bands to your mask in order to provide them with the best possible protection, then we have the optimal solution for you.

3. Tack the rubber bands from the end to your desired position